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You changed my holiday 14th September 2020

When planning a holiday in a caravan park in late August, I was hoping that somehow or other I would       see the ‘Eden Project’  but I didn’t have much hope as I knew my husband was unable to push around the wheel chairs which they provided for people like me who cannot walk. They didn’t have scooters or electric wheel chairs available.

So imagine my delight when we found you Karen, at:  info@hiremobilityscooter.co.uk    This was just what we were looking for.  We made arrangements for you to deliver a Scooter to our camp site and we hired it for 5 days.   What a joy it was to visit various places such as the Lappa Valley Raiklway, 5 miles south east of Newquay. We went there with our two young grandchildren on the narrow guage railway- Two hefty men lifted my scooter on to the empty truck with no problems. The train took us to the area where the miners mined copper. It is now a vast playground complete with a large café. I was able to go around the whole of the area on my scooter without any problems at all.

We arranged to go to the Eden Project the following day .   I found that the scooter was easy to use and I could alter the speed if I needed to, I could go up and down gentle slopes with no difficulty at all. We spent about 4 hours at the Eden Project and I loved every minute.  I could go at walking pace and if necessary I could  zoom along to catch up with the family. Thankyou so much Karen, you changed my holiday from-  reading magazines in the caravan whilst the rest of the family enjoyed themselves to enjoying every minute with the family. This time I can truly say that the scooter allowed me to enjoy everything, rather than just watching other people enjoy themselves! Thankyou!